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Who We Are

  • We are passionate about Cybersecurity introducing fresh thought leadership and alternative state-of-the-art approaches

  • We are sharing the vision of actively contributing to the Growth and Resilience of Organizations

  • We consider Cybersecurity a major business enabler supporting the Digital Transformation Journey into a Zero Trust world

What We Offer

We are here to jointly understand and address in practice
how Cybersecurity can become your business enabler


Cyber Risk Quantification

Focusing on the crown jewels across the business value chain in order to gain a real understanding of the risks. Cyber Economics are also introduced to identify the most cost-efficient mitigating actions per customer.


We introduce a Zero Trust approach considering breach and applying a reverse (‘flipped’) Cybersecurity Framework from Recovery to Protection in order to efficiently minimize impact from incidents.

Cybersecurity as a Service

State-of-the art and cost effective Cybersecurity Consulting Services covering a wide area of Domains tailored to customers unique needs and budget.

Market Focus

CYBERFLIP develops frameworks that are custom to the risks of each industry


What is the cost and the collateral damage in case of an attack at the fuel supply pipeline or at the power grid?


How would you respond once the attacker succeeds to halt plants operations or steal intellectual property?


How do you recover after a Cyber attack where the back office systems are not functional and ships communication is lost?


Can you respond to a ransomware attack without affecting patients safety?


What if an attacker gained access over Government agencies confidential information or citizens personal data?


What if the passengers cannot use the ticket machines due to a cyber-attack? 


How would you respond if an attacker gained access over the e-mail system and how do you place this scenario within the complex compliance environment?


What it would cost and how quick would you respond to a massive data breach? 

Our Management Team

Our team comes from the industry, having addressed cybersecurity in practice and from a techno-economic point of view

Through our professional experience, we have identified the actual needs and we are ready to address them

Ioannis Vittas
General Manager

Advisory Board

Christos Dimitriadis
Non-executive Chair of the Board
Constantinos Antonopoulos
Christos Giannakopoulos
Chairman & Managing Director of PLANET SA


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10-12 Dorileou Street,
11521 Athens, Greece